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Children Need Families (CNF) aims to provide support to children via their parents in order for them to maintain and promote their relationship with their Parents, Grandparents and extended family following separation and or divorce by giving help, advice and assistance to the Parents, Grandparents and the extended family, irrespective of their gender, marital status, financial position or sexual orientation.

Children Need Families believes in equality between parents. CNF believe that equality between parents is essential if there is to be a productive and conducive environment for children to grow up in and develop and to know understand be involved with, both parents.

Research has shown that children function better when they are cared for by both parents and have access to their Grandparents and the extended family. Despite this position, it is clear that prevailing attitudes to parenting following separation and divorce are marginalizing the non-resident parents who are predominantly fathers. It is equally visible that Grandparents are becoming marginalized, noting the ever growing number of Grandparents being refused contact orders or care orders by the courts.

Family breakdown is a traumatic experience for all the family; it can equally mean the loss of home and personal possessions, dignity and respect. Children Need Families encourages parents to communicate with each other in order to avoid further trauma and the overwhelming sense of loss that by virtue of separation exists.

It is sad, but none the less a fact that each day families are torn apart and one or both parents find themselves in need of support and assistance to navigate the problematic court system and the enigmatic world of network professionals.

Children Need Families offers individuals that support and assistance in the wake of divorce and separation, guiding the individuals through the minefield of Solicitors, court forms and ever changing laws.

The service aims to provide practical help, advice and if required, assistance at court to help maintain the delicate and precious relationships with children.

By raising awareness of the current social problems facing families and stimulating public opinion, you and CNF can make a difference; help us to help you - please make a donation today.  Go to the pay now button and follow the paying instructions.


Tel: 01202 987662

Callers to CNF are reminded that all calls to CNF and made by CNF may be recorded for accuracy and transparency and for the safety of our staff.
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