Court Forms

Form Details Form Title Format
C1 Application for an order. (Children Act) (PDF 328Kb)
C10A Statement of Means. (PDF 73Kb)
C2 Application - for leave to commence proceedings for an order or directions in existing family proceedings or to be joined as or ceased to be a party in existing family proceedings. (PDF 63Kb)
C12 Supplement for an application for a Warrant to assist a person authorised by an Emergency Protection Order. (PDF 98Kb)
C15 Supplement for an application for contact with a child in care. (PDF 11Kb)
C16 Supplement for an application for a Child Assessment Order. (PDF 13Kb)
C1A Supplement Information Form. (PDF 179Kb)
C1 Application for an order - Children Act 1989 except Section 8 orders and orders related to enforcement of a contact order (PDF 114KB)
C100 Application under the Children Act 1989 for a residence, contact or other section 8 order (PDF 755 KB)
C1A Notes Notes for Guidance for Supplemental Information Form C1A (PDF 234KB)
C4 Application for an order for disclosure of a child’s whereabouts (PDF 13KB)
 C8 Application to withhold address in proceedings (Confidential Address) (PDF 406KB)
C9 Statement of Service (PDF 43KB)
CB1 Making an Application – Children and the Family Courts (PDF 426KB)
  Special Guardianship - A guide for court users. (PDF 241KB)
CB3 Serving the forms (PDF 173KB)
EX107 Tape Transcription Request PDF 444Kb
EX107 Info Authorised Members of the Tape Transcription Panel  
N268 Notice to prove documents at trial (PDF 17KB)
EX50 Civil and Family Court Fees - High Court and County Court (From July 2009) (PDF 162KB)
EX160 Application for a fee remission (PDF 914KB)
EX160A Court fees do you have to pay them? (PDF 382kb)
EX710 Can I talk about my case outside court? A guide for family court users (PDF 285KB)
FL401 Application for: a non-molestation order, an occupation order. (PDF 286KB)
N285 General form of affidavit (PDF 20KB)
N461 Judicial review claim form (PDF 416KB)
N461 notes Guidance notes on completing the judicial review claim form (PDF 222KB)
N463 Judicial review application for urgent consideration (PDF 211KB)
C (PRA1) Parental Responsibility Agreement. (PDF 383KB)
C (PRA2) Step-Parent Parental Responsibility Agreement. (PDF 368KB)
C(PRA3) Parental Responsibility Agreement. Section 4ZA Children Act 1989 (Acquisition of parental responsibility by second female parent). (PDF 192KB)
N117 General form of undertaking (PDF 34KB)
FL403 Application to vary extend or discharge an order in existing proceedings (PDF 115KB)
EX343 I want to Complain (PDF 258KB)
EX503 Human Rights Act (PDF 180KB)
EX342 Some things you should know about coming to a court hearing (PDF 190KB)
D8 Divorce Petition. (PDF 161KB)
Form E Financial Statement - Ancillary Relief. (for proceedings commencing on or after 5th December 2005) (PDF 213KB)
D183 About divorce (192KB PDF)
D186 The respondent has replied to my petition - what must I do? (PDF 196Kb)
Form E Notes Form E (Financial Statement in Ancillary Relief Proceedings) Notes for guidance. (for proceedings commencing on or after 5th December 2005) (PDF 218KB)
AJ25 Courts Charter - Family Courts (PDF 222KB)
AJ26 Courts Charter - Magistrates' Courts (PDF 209KB)
AJ22 Courts Charter - The Royal Courts of Justice (PDF 202KB)
204 How to prepare an Appeal Bundle for The Court of Appeal (PDF 217KB)
202 How to Appeal to the Court of Appeal (PDF 42KB)
N161 Appellant's Notice (PDF 740KB)



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