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Children Need Families – was formed following the failure of the Government and Local Government to recognise, understand and help with the ever changing needs of family units.  The failure of the Family Court System has compounded matters noting equally their failure to recognise, understand and help families in crisis and dispute.

CNF believes that the response form the state at times has been lacking in any meaningful response that would help preserve family life and help those in dispute understand and deal with the concerns raised and thus has created a need for organisations such as CNF to help give families a voice and to help them hold those in authority to account for their failure, lack of accountability and lack of transparency.

CNF has through helping families identified that the state has often reacted brutally and definitely contributed to the breaking up of families by virtue of its decision making.  CNF believe that the state continues to fail families and has failed put children first as it espouses, but instead subjected them to unwanted or needed medical intrusion, adoption and at times pulled families apart with draconian rules and procedures, without any reasonable explanation or logic for the decision making involved. and CNF are aware that families who have come in to contact with the family courts often speak of their anger that the government has failed to hold Judges, Professionals and Network Professionals to account for their mistakes, bad working practices and poor management of families in crisis.

There can be no doubt that given the responses form families, the likeminded groups and propaganda organisations that have began to emerge has  demonstrated the level of bad feeling and anger that continues to exist within families and that until the family debate is taken more seriously and those in power engage with the service users themselves that families will continue to be seriously undermined, broken apart and family life will always suffer, causing distress and anger that is unprecedented.

 The ever growing number of families who are plunged, often without warning into separation and or divorce the increasing realisation that family Practitioners, Network Professionals and Social Policy Makers are systematically failing them and their children, there will be a need for organisations such as CNF.

The growing recognition by families that Social Policy Makers, and the courts are  failing to understand, recognise and act on failing Family Practitioners and Network Professionals has done little to reassure families that their concerns are likely to be addressed and has rubber stamped the need for this service like many others.

Children Need Families - believes in equality between parents and the right of every child to enjoy a meaningful and reasonable level of parenting time with both parents and the extended family.  CNF believe that these elements are essential, if there is to be a functional and conducive environment for children to grow up in.  Indeed, it is clear that without these elements, children are unlikely to be able to develop the social skills needed to live in their communities and flourish and that the persistent brake up of families will undermine any attempt by them to maintain their identity and that Parenting Time with the non resident parent and the extended family will slowly wither and exist no more.

Children Need Families - recognises that a family breakdown is a traumatic experience for all the family. It can mean the loss of home and personal possessions and for the parting parent the loss of their dignity, respect and contact with their children that can manifest a sense of great loss and guilt that is often not recognised, understood or treated and the problems that are associated with this position, cause further problems for the family.
At CNF we equally recognise that family breakdown can marginalise a Parent and in some instances totally exclude the Grandparents and extended family. Indeed, CNF have identified that the breakdown of the relationship allows some parents to assume control over the other and manipulate the nature and extent that the Non Resident Parent and the Grandparents will be involved in their Children's and Grandchildren' lives.

Children Need Families - encourages Parents and Grandparents to communicate with the Non Resident Parent in a reasonable and non aggressive way. This, we believe, helps minimise the overwhelming sense of loss that by virtue of separation exists and helps to reduce the need to involve the courts and network professionals. This approach is reasonable and likely to reduce the level of hostility within families and is clearly in the best interests of the children and the whole family.

Children Need Families - can help you and your family by working with you and other groups, providing access to information on shared parenting issues and by providing individuals with practical support and assistance in the wake of separation and divorce.
Children Need Families - aims to provide practical help, advice and support to individuals and their families if required 24hrs a day, 365 days a year..
As a last resort, we provide assistance at court to help maintain the delicate and precious relationship with children. CNF will help guide individuals through the minefield of problems with Solicitors, the Court Service and the mountain of forms and help prepare them for a final hearing if needed.

Children Need Families - will raise awareness of the current social problems faced by families through dialogue, media campaigns and public meetings and by challenging the accepted norms, forcing those involved to look again at how they provide service to service users.

Children Need Families - is committed to helping families restore the balance in their lives and help promote Parenting Time and family life that includes the extended family.

CNF are always looking for volunteers to helps us deal with the many issues that arise out of separation and divorce.



Tel: 01202 987662

Callers to CNF are reminded that all calls to CNF and made by CNF may be recorded for accuracy and transparency and for the safety of our staff.
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